Apr. 11th, 2009

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Greetings, everyone! I'm pleasantly surprised to see so many subscribers here. :) Which means it's time for an icebreaking post.

Last night I attended a book signing for Thorn Coyle's latest, Kissing the Limitless. She spoke for a few minutes and answered some audience questions, including one about her definition of magic -- I can't put a hand on a direct quote, but it's something close to "the alignment of breath (life force, connection), will, and desire" -- and when those three things are alignment, when your body and emotions and mind and Will are in alignment, magical things just tend to ... happen. Synchronicity. Thorn told the story of the homeless person she'd posted on her LJ as an illustration.

This lines up pretty closely to my own experience. In fact, I only heard about the event because I read her LJ. Then I discovered that the bookstore happened to be near where I work, I happened to have exactly enough money to buy the book that day, and I didn't already have plans for that evening. (The last, I admit, is not all that unusual!) Things lined up just right to put me in the right place, and what I did and heard was signifcant to me and my life and work.

So, what do you think? When you're in tune with yourself and your Will, do those fortunate things just happen for you? Is it magic, luck, or something else? Can you alter how frequently they occur?


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