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Well, let's see.

I was raised quasi-Catholic in that my maternal grandparents (where I spent most weekends) were Catholic, but my mother had terrible experiences growing up in the church. So I attended church and sometimes summer school at the church, but never had First Communion, etc.

I went through a pagan phase in the 20s, but finally realised that for me organised religions just aren't a good fit. I don't care for ritual for myself at all, nor having someone else define the "right" way to do things.

I'm very spiritual, but it's based on what I experience myself and what resonates with me. I do a fair bit of energy work and healing, and I enjoy Tarot (especially the Halloween Tarot - fun imagery!), palmistry, and several other things -- but I'm not particularly serious about any of them.

I'm terribly curious about how this comm will develop.

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Hi, new people! Welcome!

Mostly I intended this community as playing in a new sandbox, yay! a Pagan-friendly (and, of course, woo-friendly) place without the name-recognition of, say, [livejournal.com profile] wiccan on LJ, and I totally didn't expect more than 10 members. So I am thrilled that each and every one of you has joined!

Please feel free to post intros or any kind of chatter you'd like. I'll drum up an intro outline if people would like it. Don't worry about topic drift unless we get a lot busier. ;)

My intro:

I've been Pagan for just about 10 years, starting when I went to college and quit going to church. I was raised Baptist, but as a teenager I was very interested in stuff like ghosts, telepathy, and extra-sensory perception. Becoming Pagan opened up a whole new spirit world to me!

Within the past three years I've begun to study both Blue Star Wicca (an initiatory tradition of witchcraft, in which I am currently a Dedicant) and Tarot; about six months ago I started reading about psychics and mediums as well as books like Psychic Self-Defense, and I'm much more comfortable in those "woo-woo" realms than in a more structured, ceremonial magick sort of environment. I self-define as a polytheistic Pagan and witch. I'm married to a Pagan-friendly man who currently identifies as an atheist.
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I was raised Presbyterian, became deeply agnostic in my late teens and early twenties, and then (re)discovered paganism in my early thirties. As you can perhaps tell from my choice of username (It's been my online nick for going on 14 years, now), I tend to follow the Norse pantheon. Organized anything scares me, so I tend to make my own path as I go. I'm looking forward to meeting new people and learning new things from everybody here.
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Hi there! I'm excited to see this community, and posts, and all sorts of good stuff. I recognise some of the names in here from around LiveJournal and a few other places - but one of the things I'm looking forward to as Dreamwidth grows is making new connections too.

Librarian, currently working at an independent high school in Minneapolis. 33, divorced for about 3 years after 4 years of marriage, though currently starting to be in the "the right relationship might be really nice" place.

I play harp (that's her, color-edited, in my icon) sometimes, spin yarn, play occasional computer games, and do a few other things that you can find out more about if you're curious over here.

The religious stuff:
I'm a 3rd degree in a small tradition local to the Twin Cities. I hived (the first person in the trad to do so formally) last year to form a new coven called Phoenix Song. (The trad has a longstanding interest in the phoenix and its symbolism) and as you might guess from my coven name, we're particularly interested in music's integration with magic and ritual.

(How long have I been Pagan? Good question. I started reading about it in around 1995, to help deal with some specific grounding and shielding issues. I started seriously exploring Paganism as a possible religious path sometime around 1999, found the group I trained in in early 2001, and was initiated in early 2003. I spend a lot of time talking to people from other trads and paths, too.)

The tradition itself is something I general describe as 'religious witchcraft' or 'Wiccan-influenced' rather than Wiccan. We're an initiatory, mystery focused religious witchcraft tradition with oathbound material - but we don't share a direct lineage in any of the British Traditional Wiccan trads (Gardnerian, Alexandrian, etc.) and over the years we've made a number of choices that shift away from what I know of those trads (via talking to people, online interactions in places like the Amber and Jet mailing list, etc.)

more specifics including other Pagan stuff I do )


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