Dec. 21st, 2010

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 Right, so, tonight's the solstice, as well as a full moon and a total eclipse. Just my luck, I have a lulu of a head cold to get over. So, rather than hoof it out into the snow in the middle of Children of the Corn country (no, seriously, it was filmed right down the highway from here, if I'm lying, I'm flying), I decided to sit inside with the live streaming video and contemplate the moon and its darkest moment.

Now, in my personal traditions, there are four standard phases of the moon, maiden, warrior/temptress, mother, crone. And then, there's the eclipse, which to me, is the prophetess. I don't have a dark bone in my body, metaphysically speaking. Most of my patrons (saints, angels and deity faces) are fairly bright, or so I thought.

While I was watching the feed, I suddenly felt this tingling pressure in my head, one that comes and goes now. It doesn't feel sinus related. It's at the top and forward of my skull. I swore that, for a second I heard someone talking to me. I can't tell you what was really said, but it amounted to "the few who remember my name have forgotten that even gods can cast a shadow." 

I'm a little confused by what it might mean. I'm not a prophet or an oracle, I'm pretty sure. My gifts seem to want to be healing and cleansing, but am I missing something? Does anybody have any ideas? Or am I just addled by a stuffed nose?

Sorry if this doesn't make sense, I'm running on a lack of sleep at the moment.


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