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I've been known by many names over the years and any of them do just as well as the next. Currently Will suffices. As for the username, it relates to my path and it relates to my belief in music to transform. It's also because I so could get the name on this blog service!

I'm a thirty-something single mother on an eclectic witchcraft-flavoured path. I was raised in a very lax catholic home with one catholic parent and an agnostic. As a teenager I was taken in by a friend of the family who taught me a much more shamanistic path. My roots still lie there despite time's changes. Wicca came to me in my early twenties.

Sometime around thirty my beliefs merged even as I became less frightened of what there truly was. I'm a big subscriber to the term witch as I'm not wiccan, and pagan when in mixed company. I am a devotee of Hecate and tend to look to the cthonic deities, as well as those with high feminine energies. I read cards, toss stones, speak to spirits and believe that chaos should be as embraced as the shadows and darkness.

Fear comes from lack of knowledge and so I seek to learn as much as I can.


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