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Who I am: Brenna, also called Twisty

Where I am: Richmond VA, pining for my beloved Loudoun Co.

What I am: A hopeful writer, a hopeless romantic, a shameless redhead (at least, when my summer sunstreaks hit), a knitter, a newlywed, a Liberal, a bookworm, a fangirl (Hufflepuff Pride! Go Badgers!), an amature singer, a roleplayer and an armchair historian, with re-enacting leanings

Why I'm here: I've always been a spiritual oddball, but Christianity always "felt right". Some of the dogma never sat well, but I found what worked and forged my own path the older I got. Last year, I was flipping through a book on Paganism and stumbled upon a brief passage on the idea of Christian Witchcraft. Some people have called it crazy or blasphemy, others want to know why I feel the need to blend the two, and still others tell me not try and to just pick a side and stay there. I wish I could.

In my mind, Witchcraft is a "science", Wicca is a faith. It's like saying I'm an astrophysicist. My eyes are still focused on the skies, but I'm looking for the physics side of things. Also, I see a lot of parallels between the two faiths and that has helped.

What I'm up to: Lately, I've been attracted to animal magic, especially Raven, Lioness, Owl, Bee, Mouse, and Swan, as well as felt the pull of the goddess Hestia, oddly enough, in addition to Salome, Mary Magdalene, the Virgin of Guadalupe, St. Brigid of Kildare, and Eve. I should probably slow down on that, but I can't seem to stop myself. I've been practicing cartomancy for a few years, energy healing for a bit more time, and kitchen magic for a bit less. Also, recently, I've been exploring the concept of magic and divinity as it might tie in with old fairy tales and folklore.

What I'm hoping for: A few revelations, some advice, a miracle or five, and just some good, clever people to chat with.

...I swear, I'm not usually this much of a motormouth--er, hand.
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