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Hi there! I found this community by perusing my friend [personal profile] jenett 's communities list. (Hi Jenett!)

My name in the pagan world is Morag. Screen name is Honeyfeather because it's the best Mary Sue name used in a fanfic ever. My everyday name is Katje, which is Dutch for "kitten". You may call me either, or honeyfeather.

I've been into paganism of some stripe for ....over 12 years now? I've sort of lost track. I started on AOL pagan chat rooms as a preteen, and then started reading really bad 101 books, was a fanatical zealot McWiccan fluffybunnybutt, and then found The Cauldron and smartened up a whole bunch (which was only two years ago, so I grew up slow w/r/t spirituality). ANYway, nowadays I follow some random disjointed path that I shortformedly refer to as Duct Tape Witchcraft, but would be more accurately described as Reclaiming/Feri-based polytheistic path that values scholarship without dismissing ecelectism.

That is...I'm not Recon, but I do admire the Recon view and try to be as scholarly as possible with regards to my practices, beliefs and such. I have considered Celtic Recon, but I'm not really sure if I'm ready to commit, so until I make that decision, I follow my gods and goddesses of several different pantheons and continue to be a Reclaiming/Feri witch.

I'm rambling. Suffice it to say I'm a Witch who follows some sort of religious beliefs and if she ever figures them out she'll let you know. ;)

My icon says "urban pagan" and that would be because I live in a city and looooove city life as much as I love nature. If I could live in a city where the buildings were grown organically and the night lights were bioluminescient (sp?) organisms, I'd be an incredibly happy camper.

I live in Nanaimo BC and attend Vancouver Island University. I'm a Creative Writing and Theatre double-minor, almost 23, in a happy, life-long loving relationship with myself, and absolutely in love with life right now. I'm a geek and a gamer and a fangirl; I like shiny things and glitter; and I love to garden and work with my hands in other capacities.

Going to try to be as active a member of this comm as possible, with school and everything else.  I like my posts to have content to them and it takes me a while to formulate my thoughts and write them out (yay neurodiversity!), so a lot of times I eschew quantity in favor of quality. :)

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