May. 29th, 2009

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Hi there! I found this community by perusing my friend [personal profile] jenett 's communities list. (Hi Jenett!)

My name in the pagan world is Morag. Screen name is Honeyfeather because it's the best Mary Sue name used in a fanfic ever. My everyday name is Katje, which is Dutch for "kitten". You may call me either, or honeyfeather.

rambling about my spiritual path )

My icon says "urban pagan" and that would be because I live in a city and looooove city life as much as I love nature. If I could live in a city where the buildings were grown organically and the night lights were bioluminescient (sp?) organisms, I'd be an incredibly happy camper.

I live in Nanaimo BC and attend Vancouver Island University. I'm a Creative Writing and Theatre double-minor, almost 23, in a happy, life-long loving relationship with myself, and absolutely in love with life right now. I'm a geek and a gamer and a fangirl; I like shiny things and glitter; and I love to garden and work with my hands in other capacities.

Going to try to be as active a member of this comm as possible, with school and everything else.  I like my posts to have content to them and it takes me a while to formulate my thoughts and write them out (yay neurodiversity!), so a lot of times I eschew quantity in favor of quality. :)



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